Women´s Talks Live

Women´s Talks LIVE - freedom to follow your dreams

with Sylvia Jagla and Evelin Chudak

Friday 1.3.2019 from 19:00 to 21:30

We are moving towards the evolutionary time where it is easier and easier to realize that WE are the artists of our own lives and WE are the ones who create our own reality. The first step on the path towards the most creative and the most present owner of our life is embodying the freedom. When we allow the freedom to drive us towards life full of love, joy, and peace and from that place we can face all the challenges which are helping us to evolve into whole human being.

I invite you now to come with us to create a safe space for openness and sharing, where inspiration takes the place and we will all together make a conscious step toward Freedom to follow our dreams.

We will spend more than two hours in a great company of people who made the decision to make a difference.

In the first part of the event, I will ask questions my two guests Sylvia Jagla and Evelin Chudak about more feminine topics and the freedom to be a woman.

In the second part of the event, we will dive deep into more spiritual stuff.

You will have in both parts of the event lots of space to ask questions so there will be great interaction between you and the speakers.

WM events are also very spontaneous so I will react on the need of the present to unfold and so we will write the story of the evening together.

I am looking forward to meet you all.

With love Štěpánka

Sylvia Jagla:

Sylvia is the free spirit woman who used her life story as fuel to build the life and business she loves. Her life is full of traveling, networking and supporting of others. As a warmhearted leadership coach and women's burnout and resilience mentor who may support you on your path towards your own freedom.

Evelin Chudak:

Evelin is an author, entrepreneur, believer and dreamer. She is a founder of the platform Modernhippie.de She will share with us her path to freedom to live the life of her dreams.

Where: Heidestraße 62, 10557 Berlin, Německo

When: 1.3.2019

Price: 20 Euro - basic ticket

          25 Euro VIP ticket - Drink with the speakers before the event starts. Front seats.(6.30PM)  

You can buy the ticket here :

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