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body - mind - soul

with Elena Edizer Antonovska

Date: 10. - 12. 3. 2017

Place: Atria Group, Faradayova 44, Petrovice, Praha 10, 109 00

Each of us understands the word happiness differently. It is important to know what exactly it is. Self-awareness is the true essence of happiness, health, and success. Knowing what I want, why I want it, when and under what circumstances I want it, what am I willing to do, and what am I willing to sacrifice. Our workshop provides a great opportunity to answer these questions. We will introduce various personal development and self-awareness techniques (energetic healing, balancing of energy in body - Reiki, pranic healing, past life regression, coaching...). You will have a chance to try two individual sessions using a technique of your choice in a peaceful and private environment. The workshop will be wrapped up with Women's Talks, talking and sharing your insights and experiences from the previous days. Moreover, all of your questions will be answered and everything will fit into place. I am really
looking forward to meeting brave women who are not afraid of becoming happy women.

Elena Antonovska Edizer - Professional Coach and Trainer

Elena Antonovska Edizer is a Professional Certified Coach of the Erickson College in Canada and owner of Ars Lucida - Coaching & Training.

She is also a CEFE trainer, PCM Coach (Process Communication Model), Wing
Wave Coach, NLP Practitioner, regression therapist, and Reiki Master. She also
practices Bach's therapy, is a pranic healing instructor, etc.

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Price of the workshop: CZK 5,000 / EUR 185 + 21% VAT

Includes: workshop + 2 individual sessions + Women's Talks

  • Day 1 - workshop
  • Day 2 - individual session based on your choice (one of the introduced techniques or coaching)
  • Day 3 - individual session based on your choice (one of the introduced techniques or coaching)

+ Women's Talks on the topic Happy Woman

Past life regression is offered separately due to the length and demanding character of the therapy. Price: CZK 2,700 / EUR 100

The workshop will be held in English with Czech translation.

For detailed information about applications and payment please contact: Štěpánka
Hojdová, +420 734 852 303,