Get to know your guide

Welcome to the Get to Know Your Guide section! I will be introducing you the guides (therapist, coach, healer...) of workshops here to give you an opportunity to get to know them before you meet face to face. Through an interview I will give you an idea of their life journey, work, and way of thinking.

Interview with Elena on healing - video

My first guest at Women's Talks is a healer, therapist, coach, entrepreneur... Elena Edizer Antonovska. I am going to introduce her through an interview and am looking forward to March when Elena arrives to meet with you face to face. Try her therapeutic abilities and enjoy women's healing through sharing.

Elena Antonovska Edizer - Professional Coach and Trainer

Elena Antonovska Edizer is a Professional Certified Coach of the Erickson College in Canada and owner of Ars Lucida - Coaching & Training.

She is also a CEFE Trainer, PCM Coach (Process Communication Model), Wing Wave Coach, NLP Practitioner, regression therapist, and Reiki Master. She also practices Bach's therapy, is a pranic healing instructor, etc.

Elena acquired her professional experience through various business environments including government institutions, insurance companies, public relations, and individual work in the area of personal and professional development, communication, coaching, spirituality, and energy healing.

Beginning in 2007, Elena directed her professional career to a freelance practice in the area of personal growth and continuous transformation of individuals and groups to the opening of the Personal Development Centre. The Centre's activities are based on motivation, inspiration, challenge, support, and assistance in the self-actualisation process, change, and success on all levels of existence.

In the meantime, Elena worked in the Macedonian branch of ATRIA Group Beograd as a company and open trainings coordinator offering trainings in communication, business and managerial skills, solution-focused coaching, NLP, and assessment tools.

As of September 2014, Elena applies her experience in Lux Integra Ass, a personal and professional development company. Along with her many colleagues, she puts into effect her knowledge to support, motivate, educate and inspire individuals and groups in their journey of change, personal development, and wholeness. Included are skills, techniques, methods, and business experience which cover all aspects of human being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). The knowledge is passed on during
individual sessions, trainings, and workshops concerning personal and professional development.

This practice has been acquired by Ars Lucida - Coaching & Training.

WORKSHOP - HAPPY WOMAN (body, mind, soul)

Date: 10. - 12.3.2017

Place: Atria Group, Faradayova 44, Petrovice, Praha 10, 109 00

Each of us understands the word happiness differently. It is important to know what exactly it is. Self-awareness is the true essence of happiness, health, and success. Knowing what I want, why I want it, when and under what circumstances I want it, what am I willing to do, and what am I willing to sacrifice. Our workshop provides a great opportunity to answer these questions. We will introduce various personal
development and self-awareness techniques (energetic healing, balancing of energy in body - Reiki, pranic healing, past life regression, coaching...)