My name is Štěpánka Hojdová

I am the Women's Talks founder. The moments of my own healing, coaching, and seeking of motivation inspired me to create a safe space for healing through sharing where you can clarify the right direction of your personal development and find energy to fulfill your dreams. I also needed help in my own difficult life situation, and it was an experienced therapist who helped me find strength and get back on my feet.
The wonderful coaches whom I met on my journey helped me discover my strength and direction, and I might continue to name the situations when I met experts, talented professionals, and other great people. Based on that, at one moment an idea came to my mind to create a platform to meet all kinds of experts at the same time and to talk openly and without restraint about topics that are quite difficult to share at
children's playgrounds. Over the past five years I experienced many times professional therapists defaming coaching and other western tools of personal growth and vice versa, professional coaches turning their backs to psychotherapy and other past-oriented professions. Honestly, I felt rather sad because I strongly believe that personal growth may profit from a sensitive combination of techniques. We cannot pretend that we have no past. If we cannot leave self-destructive patterns, the cause
might be found in a certain traumatic experience that was not processed and through forgiveness transmitted only into the past. At the same time, it is important to catch the right moment to be present, be able to live life with joy, and to see clearly what I want and where I am going. And not just that, but also to be able to create a realistic and fully functional plan, maybe using solution-focused coaching, which will take us to our goals and dreams if we remain committed to it. I strongly believe that I managed to create a space where you will feel free and will ask for help without restraints if needed. On top of that, you will meet with other brave women who decided to work on themselves and who are also interested in personal development. Or you can just stop by for a chat.

I was born in Cheb. After spending the first years of my life in Luby near Cheb, I moved to Aš at the age of five where I lived until the age of 27. When I was 18, I moved to New Zealand for two years. I have been a passionate traveller ever since. I am a mother of a daughter from my first marriage and of a son who was born in my second marriage. My current husband comes from Serbia and is also a coach. I am very interested in psychology and metaphysics. I am a passionate athlete and romantic soul.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Maya Angelou