Healing Space for Women


I am the Women's Talks founder. The moments of my own healing, coaching, and seeking of motivation inspired me to create a safe space for healing through sharing where you can clarify the right direction of your personal development and find energy to fulfill your dreams. I also needed help in my own difficult life situation, and it was an experienced therapist who helped me find strength and get back on my feet.

 Whenever you compare yourself to others, you lose a     chance to find out what is your special gift.                     Štěpánka Hojdová



The Women's Talks is a platform for women which creates a space for safe healing through sharing. I will introduce all kinds of techniques and professionals who will help you get to know yourself, heal yourself, and learn about yourself. The goal is to give yourself support and be able to rely on yourself and - most of all - to stay on your track without losing your direction in life.

I can´t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself. Emma Stone

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